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Our Service’s Features

High-Skilled Writers
An admission essay is quite an important part of the college application process. That is why you should pay special attention to this piece of academic writing. But in any case, you can rely on our admission essay writing service as we have a team of professional and passionate writers. Before we hire an expert for our company, we conduct a very rigorous selection process in several stages. And only the best applicants who compose high-quality admission essays then join our team.
Custom-Made Approach
Every college sets different requirements for writing admission essays. And that is the real challenge to strictly follow the guidelines if you are under stress. That is why we provide custom-made solutions for every student. Whether you have a difficult topic or rigorous instructions to stick to, we can create an admission essay tailored to your needs. Also, you can always reach out to your writer directly as clear communication is the key to success.
Pricing Policy
Our pricing policy is as transparent as possible. Once you open our website, you can find a price calculator there. By selecting the type of your order, the level, deadline, and length you will see the final price. We never try to mislead our clients which is why we show the price even before the payment process. Also, we offer additional services that will be automatically added to your price if you choose some of them. But this is optional, you can just write an admission essay.
Revision Option
We understand that the fate of the students may depend on the admission essay. That is why we allow every customer to have free unlimited revisions of their orders. Our writers and editors will double-check your work if you want to. And this will cost you nothing as this feature is available for everyone to make use of. Thus, you will be 100% sure that your admission essay is flawless and perfect.
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Classic English literature
My literature teacher assigned me to write an essay on Lord of the Flies. I had absolutely no time to read this, let alone analyze minor characters. So I decided to order an essay. It turned out to be a brilliant idea because my writer was a fan of William Golding! Thanks to your service for an error-free essay! I got the highest grade among all my classmates!
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Chemical Engineering
I was so afraid my lab report wouldn’t pass the Turnitin check. I ordered a plagiarism report to make sure my work would be 100% original. When I got the finished order, I opened the report and it was 100%! More than that, the writer followed each point in my tutor’s guidelines, so I just sent my lab report to my tutor, and she accepted it! I recommend this service hands down!
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Honestly, I didn’t expect anything good from essay writing sites because many people mention scams and so on. But I had no options except for paying for my research paper. Fortunately, I got my paper on time. It was well-written and no revisions were required! I’ll definitely buy papers from you next time!
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Art, Theatre and Film
I work in a cafe and can hardly manage my college deadlines. Thanks to your writer, I didn’t have to worry about timing! I ordered a paper and got it a day earlier than I expected without a problem. I sent it to my professor, and she gave me an A grade. Thank you so much again. You saved my day!
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Speedy Delivery
By using our admission essay writing service you can be totally sure that your order will be submitted strictly on deadline. Delays never happen on our service as we understand how important it is to submit an essay on time.
24/7 Assistance
If you have any questions regarding your order or our services, you can contact our round-the-clock customer support team. Our agents will handle your requests right away so you can always be sure about the writing process of your admission essay.
Privacy and Anonymity
We guarantee you 100% confidentiality. We never record any personal details about our customers and you can reach out to us even anonymously. We also don’t sell any orders to third parties.
Anti Plagiarism Policy
By using our service, you will always get an original admission essay. Our writers write every work from scratch adding quotes and citations from other writers to the reference list. Also, the editor’s team is thoroughly checking every work so it follows all the rules of our plagiarism-free policy.
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Stuck on Your Essay?
Let a subject-matter expert write a high-quality, Turnitin-safe paper for you while you focus on other important tasks!

Almost all colleges require applicants to include an essay (usually a personal statement or similar) with their application materials. Admissions essays are an essential part of the application requirement, as more students are applying to colleges than ever before. However, many colleges place less importance on standardized test scores than on these essays.

Many student applicants may ignore or place less importance on this part of college admission. But one of the easiest ways to move through the college application process is to write your application essay. Yet, with the right attitude and strategy, you can write an essay to improve your college admission. Of course, a good college application essay won’t overcome a student’s poor grades at the bottom of a school’s applicant pool, but it can help a qualified applicant stand out from the crowd.

College Admissions Essay: What Is It?

A college admissions essay is essential in determining whether you will get your place at a particular university. As you know, a university cannot accept every single applicant. There is a restrained amount of sites, and the committee has to choose the talented and brilliant minds to enter the doors of their well-renowned institution.

Imagine a situation when your marks and test result match those of a completely different person. The problem is debatable, and the best way to determine who deserves to go to the university is to make both applicants write an essay where they write out how studying at the university would benefit them. It’s the art of presenting yourself and proving fit for college admission.

College admission essay writing can be the final determining factor to help you attain success and make or break your possible future. Naturally, you want to do whatever it takes to continue your dream successfully. One piece of paperwork determining your future can be pretty frustrating, and this is something you want to change. The committee has a limited time to see your work so you have some limitations to work with. It is why you should order an admission essay and get the help of experts.

Main Features of Winning College Admission Essay

Now we’d like to address all the relevant information and advice we use to write you an excellent college application essay. In addition, it cannot be overstated how a perfect piece can increase your chances of making your application stand out from the crowd of other applications, from preparation to submission.

How We Write Admission Essays

It’s time to impress the college admission committee with a great college application essay. College application essays are typically about 500 words long, and those words can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection. You spend days studying and writing an essay, but the admissions committee only has a few minutes to read it. A winning admission essay requires you to get their attention.

Reading the Instructions Carefully

The hardest part about college admission essay writing is starting it. We read the instructions carefully, but this should be emphasized, given all the excitement and stress involved. If you do not follow the instructions in your application essay, the admission committee may assume that you cannot follow the instructions for the college program.

Page and word limits are mentioned for a reason. After reading the instructions several times and collecting notes, we can create a plan to organize your essay and decide what message to send. This is when we are ready to make the first draft.

Starting With a Wonderful Introduction

The admissions committee spends little time reviewing your essay, so you need to start with a lively paragraph that keeps them busy. The introduction should show the reader what your essay is about and grab their attention.

We usually start with interesting anecdotes or stories that highlight a part of your personality and the best aspects of your personality and provide information to help admissions officers get to know you better.

Giving Good Examples

We provide relevant examples of what you have accomplished and what you would like to accomplish in the future. A college application essay is a snapshot of how your mind works and how you see the world.

If you want your essay to be credible, we must ensure that everything written supports that perspective. Therefore, we take the time to understand how the essay questions relate to our personal qualities and then take a unique angle at college admission.

Being Authentic

Universities look for authenticity and quality of thought. So instead of shaping your college application essay around phrases and ideas that people have used repeatedly, base it on your true beliefs.

College admission essay writing is an opportunity to convince the admission committee of your determination and existing knowledge about your chosen topic. Our college application essay can reflect all of your skills and ambitions and show how the program you choose will help you achieve your future goals.

Proofreading Your Work

We want to create a good college application, so we have to read it several times to ensure there are no typos, spelling, or grammar errors. However, after a while, a fresh perspective may be needed. It’s better if someone hasn’t seen it because you may see a flaw that you don’t.

Asking someone else to proofread your essay will not only help you find mistakes but also help you make sure that your text looks like you. After reading so many examples and following all these instructions, it’s hard to tell if what you just wrote is a statement about who you are. So make sure your essay is clean with the help of others.

College Application Essay: What Are the Difficulties?

There are various reasons why it’s overly hard to cope with work:

  • A problem in knowledge on a given topic;
  • Lack of time and inability to plan it;
  • Inability to beautifully express accumulated thoughts.

Each of these reasons can become a severe obstacle to admission essay writing and will negatively affect the success of your admission. It will be miserable if several paragraphs where you had difficulties giving your thoughts spoil your chances of getting into the university you want.

The admission essay writer should express an individual vision of the specified topic and problem and empower the receiver with his intentions to get to this college. This type of educational activity belongs to the class of creative tasks. If an admission essay writer has experienced difficulties writing work from a young age, it won’t be easy to cope with an admission essay. What to do if the work is urgently needed, and you must be admitted to several universities? In such a case, there is no better solution than ordering an essay from one of the authors.


Best College Admission Essay: Mistakes We Avoid

What you don’t write is just as important. Using our services is quite recommended. Remember that the admissions committee reads hundreds of essays yearly, so they know when it’s monotonous and uninteresting. We avoid these common mistakes as they might get the committee to reject your college application.

Admission Essay Writing: Avoid Clichés

We never tell the admissions committee that you’ve wanted to get a specific profession since we were a child or since the first time we saw a particular person on television. This joint approach often turns off readers and can get you into the rejection pile. So instead, we ask our clients a real story about what this university means to them or what they hope to accomplish in life by practicing here.

Admission Essay Writing: Proper Evaluation

We read your essays aloud. It’s a good practice to ask someone else to read a report and ask them to read it aloud to you. Sometimes listening to your words will help you spot errors and places where your writing can improve. This is one of the ways our workers cope with rare admission essay writer blocks to evoke brainstorming.

Admission Essay Writing: Checking With Colleagues

It’s always best to order different essays for different colleges. Please give us the application to determine their request to ensure your paper meets the application. In some cases, we may choose to tailor your essay to focus on a unique aspect of the college. Remember, the admission committee knows about their program, so we incorporate stories about what it means to you.

Admission Essay Writing: Avoiding Writing a Resume

College admission essay writer never revises your resume and application. Therefore, your admissions essay should not simply relay this information. Instead, we use your essay as an opportunity to expand on these, highlight what is most important, and preferably include relevant information and experiences that are not on your resume.

Admission Essay Writing: Controversial Topics

In this case, it is safer to be diplomatic. A college admission essay writer does not raise the question of politics or religion. You don’t know the experiences or beliefs of the people who will read your essay. We are being prepared for any personal difficulties.

Admission Essay Writing Service: Avoiding Drama

A college admission essay writer doesn’t try to shock the reader. Instead, we gain the interest of the readers. Honest and insightful stories of disadvantages and difficulties are only helpful if they show how you turned things around. We can ask you for relevant experiences, but we don’t write too much or go on too long. Most programs require 500-1000 words and 750 words is usually enough.

Admission Essay Writing Service: Personal Experience

Stories about being arrested, witnessing your parents’ divorce, serving on a jury, or seeing a crime are often not practical to include or apply because your emotional layer should not shroud your mind. Sometimes people work towards being impartial in the sphere they want to work. It’s not because people are supposed to be neutral and not influenced by emotional experiences. Instead, a professional admission essay writer highlights your character, intellect, and work ethic.

Admission Essay Writing Service: Overusing big words

A professional admission essay writer doesn’t over-inflate your vocabulary and use words that are unfamiliar to you. This will be obvious and will portray you as insincere. Instead, we should write as you would write to make our essay authentic.

Admission Essay Writing Service: Explanations

We don’t use your essay to explain poor grades. It’s best to write an appendix for explanations instead. However, if you keep all these things in mind and write an authentic essay showing why you want to attend law school, you will succeed!


Admission Essay Writer: Hire the Real Expert

Our undoubted advantage is that we employ college admission essay writers with higher education and scientific degrees. Extensive essay writing experience allows us to provide clients with the work they need quickly. In addition, all customers have the right to choose the price for writing an order that suits them. If the client does not find a suitable option, you will still have to make an individual order.

Successful College Application Essay with On-Time Delivery

We strive for perfect synergy when it comes to admission essays. We like combining quality with speed as it gives us great results and creates an ideal bridge between the company and the client. There isn’t a single case where we’d skip the deadline determined by our client. The client defines the admission essay service.

Also, people think ordering a fast essay would be detrimental to its quality. Fear not. Our admission essay writers are trained to deliver the work fast and have enough time to think through every vital aspect. Furthermore, college admission essay writers leave just enough time to proofread the job and send it to you to see whether you agree with the final result.

College Admissions Essay Writing: 24/7 Assistance

An exciting aspect of our work is that a client can partake in the writing process, taking on the role of a supporting advisor. You determine the contents of the order so you can always discuss possible changes to take another possible route with an admission essay. Of course, our admission essay writers are not robots; they can reply later but within feasible timetables, taking the deadline into account.

You, on your part, can send the message whenever you want, 24/7, setting a discussion into motion. You can add some extra information about the college or the committee to influence the quality of subjectivity. An admission essay writer never ignores their clients, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will 100% change everything according to what you said. Remember that they are much more experienced so they might know more than you think. There are specific nuances to college admission, so it’s better to leave several aspects as they are.

Admission Essay Writing: Our Guarantees

Ten years ago, it was possible to submit any essay you liked from the Internet and not pay money for writing it. But time does not stand still, and modern online teachers feel no worse than the most advanced hacker students. Therefore, an essay “plucked” from the Internet can at least bring a low grade and repeated rewriting, or even worse – the opportunity to submit an article for the following year. The employees of our company will not have any difficulties writing an essay to order in the pre-arranged terms.

A custom-made essay written by our specialists is pre-checked by an “Anti-plagiarism” program. As a result, its uniqueness is not lower than 70%, an acceptable standard in all higher education institutions.

The price of admission essay writing services is determined depending on the amount of work to be performed and the deadline for providing the finished version. The price for admission essay writing service is adequate because we understand the common problem of students and finances like no one else. But ordering an essay urgently has always been a little more expensive, so you should not postpone solving problems until the last but solve them immediately.

Admission Essay Writing Service: Top Reasons to Order

Taking into account everything mentioned above, there are several main reasons why you should opt for ordering an admission essay:

  • Help from experienced professionals with years of experience in this area;
  • Writing a letter that is fully tailored to the university where you intend to enroll;
  • Work in a concise time frame;
  • Guarantee of confidentiality.

You can be sure that we will do everything we can to help you with admission essay writing services. And the positive feedback about our company confirms that we get what we want! It is within our interest to make a client satisfied as they can attract more people to our admission essay services.


What should I know about the admission essay service?

When researching application essays, it’s a good idea to read a few good sample essays for inspiration. This is a great exercise, but the examples have also influenced many students and used many clichés to impress the admissions committee. We pay attention to the fact that there are thousands of other students applying to the college of your choice. We strive for excellence. There is a process when we reread the essay and delete the cliché sounding sentences to find a more original perspective.

Is the admission essay writing service hard?

It depends on how picky the committee can get. They are skimming through your work relatively fast, so you must use unique elements to pique their attention. The more sophisticated your writing, the higher the chances of getting a favorable response. This is why it can get complicated and frustrating. Dealing with the art of persuasiveness and creating a powerful speech is quite challenging.

How much does admission essay writing cost?

There isn’t one fixed price for an admission essay. Instead, several main factors determine the final price of an admission essay service. First, you have to choose whether you want editing or writing services. Maybe you have written the essay yourself, so you want a professional to check it. Then there is the choice of a topic, as colleges are versatile and have different specializations. Also, you have a selection of the writer’s level, as they can have different levels of skills.

Can I hire someone to write my admission essay?

You can, and you probably should. College admission is a pain-stacking nerve-inducing process and a unique experience. The quality of an essay might get influenced by human factors, and we want to avoid that. This is why it’s best to find a service specializing in writing that kind of essay, as it saves your time and prevents stress. Plus, those people know what they are doing, and they have years of experience behind their backs.

Will you do my admission essay service fast?

We can write the best college admission essay fast. There is a unique bar when you choose the parameters for your admission essay. This bar has a unique calendar where you select the exact date when you’d like to get your paper delivered to you. Naturally, writing an essay as fast as possible increases our final price, but it’s still within our capabilities, and we can make it up to any deadlines.

Do you guarantee a 100% uniqueness of my admission essay?

It depends on what you call a 100% unique essay. We can guarantee that if you want a unique essay where the admission essay writer is pouring all of their thoughts without using existing material. On the other hand, if you want to see a 100% mark checked by an anti-plagiarism service, this is probably not happening due to algorithms. The AI might see some separate words as part of plagiarism, sometimes reducing the percentage to 95%. Nevertheless, our thoughts are unique and can fit even for medical school admissions.