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    Janelle Harris

    Janelle Harris

    13 May, 2021

    Abortion Essay: How To Write + Examples

    Writing all kinds of essays during your studies helps you construct arguments, use scientific data, and improve critical thinking. All of the outlined skills are paramount, so college professors constantly challenge their students with new and exciting argumentative essay topics. For instance, writing an abortion essay can improve your writing skills as well as teach you how to express your opinion even on the most controversial topic.

    An ability to construct and develop arguments even on the most sensitive subjects is indeed valuable. However, it requires a lot of preparation and self-discipline. In this guide, we will outline several points and tips to help you write an excellent abortion essay that deserves the highest grade.

    Abortion Essay: What is it all about?

    An abortion essay is an essay in which the author reveals their attitude to pregnancy termination, provides reasonable arguments and proofs, and precisely delivers their viewpoint to the reader. It implies deciding on the position you take regarding the topic and making sure your statements fit in the text and help you deliver that position to the audience.

    An abortion essay is a common argumentative piece of work that requires a lot of research, understanding, and flexibility. Writing such an essay requires, on the one hand, thorough research, knowledge, and argumentative skills. On the other hand, it challenges the writer from the social and psychological perspective as well. Even though the writer should organize their arguments and make them plausible, they also have to consider the ethical aspect of the matter.

    The primary thing to remember while composing an abortion essay is to stay open-minded and unjudgemental. To achieve this, one should be careful with the vocabulary used, as well as the selection of arguments.

    The fundamental goal of the abortion essay implies presenting the subject from a new angle and making sure it makes a contribution. Besides, it aims at presenting detailed research, giving the reader a chance to take a deeper dive into the topic and convince them with your arguments.

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    Ideas for an Abortion Essay Title

    Since abortion is highly discussed in the literature, there are plenty of topics to choose from. However, there are still some limitations to consider while selecting the topic. First of all, it has to be transparent and non-provocative. Under no circumstances should it provoke or, what’s worse, offend the reader.

    Before choosing the topic, you should first select your position: are you against pregnancy termination, or do you see the reasons why the decision of doing so shouldn’t be judged?

    Here are some abortion essay titles to consider:

    1. Health hazards and adverse medical consequences associated with pregnancy termination
    2. The global attitude to abortion: how different countries approach the issue
    3. The image of women in underdeveloped countries and factors pushing them to have an abortion
    4. Women’s right to make an abortion a fundamental freedom
    5. Abortion does not equal murder: reasons not to blame women who have an abortion

    Abortion Essay Topics

    • Abortion: A Critical Analysis
    • Abortion: Protection For The Unborn
    • Abortion: Pro Choice Vs. Pro Life
    • Abortion And Reproductive Rights Of Women
    • Abortion Causes The Death Of The Fetus
    • Is Abortion Legally, Ethically And Morally Acceptable?
    • The Comparison Between Abortion And Slavery
    • Legalized Abortion And Crime Rate Decrease
    • Abortion Through A Feminist Ethics Point Of View

    Persuasive Essay Topics On Abortion

    • Abortion Persuasive Essay
    • An Anti-Abortion Argument Essay
    • History Of Abortion In The Court Essay
    • Why Abortion Should Be Illegal Essay
    • The Controversy Over Abortion Essay
    • Abortion – Just Another Name For Murder Essay
    • Abortion: A Religious Issue Essay
    • Abortion -The Wrong Choice Abortion Argumentative Essay

    Abortion Argumentative Essay Ideas

    • Abortion: Pro Life Vs Pro Choice
    • Should Abortion Be Legal?
    • Argumentative Against Abortion
    • The Ethics Of Abortion: Utilitarianism, Buddhism & Kant.
    • Abortion Is Morally Right Only To Save The Life Of The Mother
    • Abortion Is Ethical
    • Utilitarianism And Abortion
    • Supporting Abortion Rights
    • Abortion Law In Brazil
    • Abortion Should Remain Legal

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    More Topic Ideas


    Abortion Argumentative Essay Ideas

    Abortion Essay Topics

    Persuasive Essay Topics On Abortion


    Abortion Essay: The Structure

    Like any argumentative essay, an abortion essay comprises three major parts: introduction, three to five body paragraphs, and conclusion. All of the

    abortion essay structure parts should contain several fundamental points which we have described below.


    Writing an abortion essay introduction usually requires a lot of time. Why is it so? When writing such an essay, it is critical to remember that the introduction determines the tone and mood of your essay. To make an introduction sound natural, you may provide statistical data or facts in one sentence. But make sure that the latter fit organically into the essay.

    A thesis statement is another key point that the introduction has to reveal. This statement is fundamental since it tells the reader which opinion the writer has and how he or she is going to support it further.

    Main body paragraphs

    The structure of body paragraphs depends mainly on the side you choose. For example, you may write three paragraphs supporting abortions and one with a counter-argument if you decide to support the topic. If you are strongly against it, you should write a why abortion should be illegal essay with three paragraphs providing reasons not to have an abortion + one counter-argument. Keep in mind that you will need to provide reasonable proofs to your arguments, such as scientific data, statistics, and facts.


    Writing a conclusion is mainly about summarizing your points and presenting your final viewpoint. Briefly restate the thesis and make sure you mention all the arguments from it. Most importantly, make the reader realize your point by presenting your solid opinion on the topic.

    Some Grade-Saving Tips For Crafting an A+ Abortion Essay

    To write a sound abortion argumentative essay, you need to make some prior preparations. Now that you have an idea of what an essay structure looks like, you need to find out the essay’s target audience, meaning, and main objectives. It is also vital to realize that you know the expectations and requirements of a typical essay about abortion and make sure you stick to the moral side of the issue, whether you are for or against it.

    We’ve prepared a few tips you can rely on during brainstorming and writing:

    Research as much as you can

    To get an idea of the topic, you may first address multiple scientific research articles, reports, and abortion essays that are available online. It is better to avoid posts on social media and blogs if you want to shape an independent, reputable opinion on this topic. Try to find some credible sources with opinions not distorted by emotional perception. It is always good to keep in mind that the topic of abortion requires an objective opinion. After having read enough sources, you will be able to form your own opinion and decide whether you are against or in favor of the issue.

    Consider implications

    Sometimes it happens that the lack of ideas prevents you from writing an excellent argumentative essay on abortion. Instead of spending huge amounts of time trying to figure out what to add to your essay, try a different approach. For example, if you’ve decided to write a why abortion is wrong essay, think of the implications that pregnancy termination causes. At this point, you may go beyond the moral side and think of some other health implications, for instance. Or, if you are in favor, you may provide some reasons why society shouldn’t judge abortions. Depending on the side you take, think of the implications and outline them as arguments.

    Avoid being too critical

    As we have mentioned above, an abortion arguments essay might sound exceptionally provocative. The writer’s main goal is to show tolerance and flexibility to make sure he or she does not offend anybody. To achieve this, avoid being judgemental. Additionally, it is better not to make a lot of use of pathos, which is known to refer to the reader’s emotions. An abortion essay aims to show your opinion and attitude to the subject and not make someone feel guilty.

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    Abortion Essay: Sample Against Prohibiting Abortions

    It is always good if you have an essay example to refer to. Taking a glimpse at a sample abortion essay will not hinder your creativity; instead, it will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of organizing an essay better. Here is an example of an essay providing arguments against prohibiting abortions:

    The word Abortion stands for a termination of pregnancy by extracting the embryo from an uterus before a baby is born. Some people approach the issue of abortions with great discretion and understanding, while others consider terminating a pregnancy a sin. Indeed, vast criticism has been surrounding the topic for decades, making abortion an increasingly discussed, controversial matter. Most civilized countries grant women the right to terminate pregnancy and leave the choice up to them; other countries strongly prohibit the procedure. However, one opinion that only poor, underaged, or promiscuous women undergo abortions is prevalent in the entire world. One aspect that so many people neglect is that any woman, whether she is rich or poor, mature or underaged, can have significant reasons to stop a pregnancy. So does society indeed have a right to make choices for other women and decide her and her child’s fate, and would abortion prohibition mean a lower abortion rate?

    First, prohibiting abortions on a state level might not lead to the desired drop in the abortion rate. In particular, if abortion clinics shut down, this does not guarantee that there won’t be a place to have an abortion. For one instance, many countries in the world prohibit prostitution or the use of medical marijuana; however, many people sell marijuana or engage in prostitution unofficially to make a living. Therefore, the same might apply to abortions: closing abortion clinics would be unlikely to change women’s decisions, so many of them will seek ways to terminate pregnancy illegally anyway. Moreover, women might become left with nothing but a desperate decision to induce a miscarriage, which might lead to lethal consequences. Hence, prohibiting abortions might lead to a higher death rate among women.

    Second, a lot of kids are born with pathologies, which is why most of them die during the first year of life. Such pathologies are usually diagnozed with the help of regular prenatal screenings at an early stage of pregnancy. Once the pathology is identified, the woman is given a choice to undergo a medical abortion. Even though doing so might seem immoral at first, some pathologies are incompatible with an infant’s life as well as introduce a hazard to a mother’s health. Additionally, putting such a burden on a woman’s shoulders is unethical and leads to severe psychological consequences. So, in a situation when an embryo has no chance to survive after more than a couple of months after birth, termination of pregnancy is a humane, mature, and appropriate decision.

    Another reason not to prohibit abortions is that every woman has an exclusive right to take control over her body and freedom. This means that no one should be able to force a woman to have a child. First, a woman is the one to decide when she has reached the age when she is mature enough to have kids. Secondly, some women are not asked whether they want to be impregnated: according to statistics, 2 in 1000 women in America become sexual assault victims. Hence, if some women do not have a say in conceiving a child, they should at least have the right to terminate undesired pregnancy.

    All in all, the right to terminate pregnancy should not be prohibited. Just like every person has the right to vote and freedom of opinion and expression, all women should have a choice when it comes to giving birth. In my opinion, abortions should not equal disgrace or let society shame women. Even though many people consider abortions immoral and sinful, an undesired pregnancy can bring adverse health consequences and psychological trauma.

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