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    Janelle Harris

    Janelle Harris

    20 November, 2020

    Ace That History Essay With Ease

    When writing a history essay, you may face some challenges, and that’s quite normal. Right now, you’re probably staring at the history essay rubric feeling overwhelmed about how to get the writing structure right. And you’re not alone because many other students feel at loss concerning how to develop their history essay topics too.
    History Essay

    The main reason for writing a history essay is to build on a particular topic and write a satisfactory review that answers the issues raised in the topic . These essays are used to check a student’s ability to successfully understand and analyze a chosen topic given by a professor or skillfully picked out by the student. This article deals with rudimentary tips you will need to write your thesis, sticking to the question(s) raised and helping any reader comprehend your analysis of the given topic.

    What Is A History Essay?

    If you’ve been asking questions like: “what is history essay”, we’ll explain it to you here.

    A history essay is a type of writing done to buttress an opinion or fact on a historical topic or issue. It is used as a form of assessment to check the progress of students and test their ability to think, reason, understand, and carry out research that will help answer the big question raised.

    History essays elaborate on a topic usually based on a notable past event, analyzing and proving arguments associated with the topic. The thesis of a history essay is usually found in the introduction of the essay, and it is represented in a sentence that summarizes or gives the reader an idea of what the paper is about.

    There are steps needed to be taken to write a convincing thesis and a good essay. First off, you must understand the topic, the question to be asked and answered, and know how to give constructive defense or explanation using the right format or structure. The more essays you write, the better at writing you get. Note that your thesis may be directed at defending an already existing theory or building your theory and proving why it should be accepted with relevant points.

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    Preparing To Write The Essay

    To write a good history essay, you need to apply certain rules either designated by textbook essay writing rules or create your unique format. A good essay is very well organized and well-thought-out. Before you begin writing, what should you do when planning how to start a history essay? Here are the key steps:

    Carefully analyze and review the question to be answered

    Avoid rushing into writing without studying the question thoroughly. You need to review the topic and understand its implications; do  you stick to  an already existing theory or are you to come up with your own one ? What is the main question behind the topic?

    Every history essay topic has an underlying statement and it falls on you to find out what the numerous possibilities are. The paper may be intended to support, argue on, or debunk a particular theory. It could also discuss cause and effect.

    Find out how to locate keywords in a paper because they  will help you understand the topic better. Once  you find the keywords, the next step is to look for how they are related to the topic in question. Remember that if it is not asking a question, then there is a statement that needs to be analyzed.

    Develop a plan

    It would be presumptuous to assume that you can store up every new information or idea that comes up regarding the history essay, so it is wise to write down a definite course of action you plan to take. Consider it  a full-on project: write down even the smallest important ideas as soon as they come in.

    The essence of planning is to help steer you in the right course of research. You do not have to plan alone; seek help if you need to from experienced scholars and professors.

    Do not be rigid – embrace new ideas, and implement needed change as you come across new ideas and strategies.

    Gather your materials and start researching

    During planning, you must have noted scholars and books you would love to refer to. The research entails gathering information related to the history essay and other related topics that can serve as secondary sources of information and help develop the main topic.

    In most cases, you will find that materials on related topics are available but you need to resist any urge to write a haphazard essay.

    For authenticity, use secondary materials to get a clearer view of the topic you are working on and write your thesis from a neutral standpoint unless you are expected to defend a theory that already exists.

    Do not hesitate to discard any information that you feel is bogus and may not add meaning to your essay. Sometimes the presence of too many ideas can leave one frustrated while doing research.

    Develop the skills of picking only research materials that are relevant to your essay.

    Make your argument or main point stand out

    This is a skill that every good writer should have. Know what the topic is about and make the main point stand out. You must build your contention or thesis and leave it in a sentence usually at the end of the introductory paragraph. Always keep it short and straight to the point. Often, a good history essay needs a strong contention to evoke discussion. If you think that getting a convincing contention may be difficult when you’ve just started writing, it is okay to come back later to it because a good argument can only be gotten from a clearer understanding of the topic. The more research and writing you do, the better understanding you get.

    Create a good structure for the history essay

    Creating an essay structure can be easy especially since you can make adjustments and corrections. A typical history essay structure comprises an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. The body of the essay is written in paragraphs, and each paragraph is an extension of the previous one while expressing a new idea. You can arrange your paragraphs in the order of time, showing how the events occurred, or you can write the paragraphs showing the importance of events –  that is, chronologically and thematically.

    Developing An Outline

    Outlining stands for  organizing all the information you have gathered into a well-thought-out lineup that will help your reader understand your history essay without little or no ambiguity. Think of the outline as the blueprint of your essay, helping you build on ideas and points with ease as you develop the paper. Consider following these steps:

    1. Choose your topic and identify what its strong argument or thesis is.
    2. Sort the information you gathered throughout the research. Pick the relevant facts and arrange them either chronologically or thematically.
    3. Identify the main contention, follow-ups, and the proofs to support your arguments.
    4. Identify the main headings and subheadings. Your main argument and secondary arguments can serve as temporary headings. When you pick out the main headings, group them into pros and cons, causes, effects, etc. Remember that you can always make changes to your outline. As you write, new ideas may come up and you may need to tweak the headings in the outline. Ensure you review it and drop unnecessary details and headings.

    History Essay Template Preview:

    five paragraph essay outline template

    History Essay Template Download:

    History essay outline template
    History essay template

    How To Choose A Topic For A History Essay

    You may have numerous essay topics to choose from, but confusion might set in when you can not tell which topic will be best for you. Here is how to find a suitable one:

    1. Look for the topic that best appeals to you. If your professor has given you several topics to choose from, go through them carefully and pick the topic you are most interested in. If you cannot find one, consider coming up with related topics and show them to your professor.
    2. Do a quick research on the available topics and compare the essays written by other scholars. Make sure you have enough materials like textbooks, e-books, and encyclopedias for research.
    3. Choose essay topics that are more defined. Avoid topics that cover a broad field because you run the risk of getting exhausted or having too much information to deal with. If the topic was handed out to you, find ways to narrow it down.

    History Essay Topics

    • History of Sugarcane and Columbian Exchange
    • Women in Athletics – History Facts
    • Replacing Columbus Day – History
    • Troy’s Father in Fences: Interpreting and Inheriting History
    • Globalization Throughout History Analysis
    • The Middle-Ages – Important Periods of our History
    • Hitler’s Rise to Power in History
    • A Brief History of the Age of Exploration

    World History Essay Topics

    • Gender and Sexuality in World History
    • The Vietnam War in the World History
    • The Black Death the Importance to World History
    • An Example of Social Darwinism in Our World History
    • Contribution of The Green Revolution to The World’s History
    • History Essay About World War I
    • The Black Death of 1348 as The Greatest Biomedical Disaster in World History
    • The Impact of American and European Imperialism in The Course of World History
    • The Reformation Era in History

    American History Argumentative Essay Topics

    • Racial Disparities Among African American Nurses during World War II
    • AIDS in America: One Nation’s Homophobic History
    • America History : Civil Rights Movement
    • The Idea of Equality of Opportunity in American History
    • United States History to 1865
    • “The Forgotten War” in United States History
    • History of Thanksgiving in American Popular Culture
    • The History and The Life of African Americans in Chicago
    • A History of The United States During The American Revolutionary Wars
    • A History of French Volunteers in The American Revolutionary War
    • Trail of Tears: The Greatest Genocide in American History

    Art History Essay Topics

    • Australian Art History
    • Art History Goya
    • Two Paintings from Different Directions in Art History
    • Art history: Functions of Portraiture in 18th Century Britain
    • Art Is the Main Component a History of Any Culture
    • Representation of Women in Art History: Changes in 1800 and Onwards
    • Art Deco: History of Classic Art Movement
    • Contemporary Art Movement Discussion
    • The Artistic Movement: Rococo
    • Italian Renaissance Art
    • High Renaissance Art and the Impact of Religion

    More Topic Ideas


    History Essay Topics

    World History Essay Topics

    American History Argumentative Essay Topics

    Art History Essay Topics


    History Essay Examples

    If you are having trouble selecting a good history essay topic or writing your essay, you can refer to any history essay example written by others or consult an experienced writer or your professor to guide you as you write. The essays written by other scholars can serve as a guide for you. You can also check out these sites for examples of sample proposals and guides:

    Writing Tips For A History Essay

    The question of how to write a history essay with a convincing contention and great defense has been narrowed down to clarity of expressions and  correct grammar. Here are the key points to remember while writing a history essay: :

    • Keep your introduction short, engaging, confident, and straightforward with a strong contention. Introduce your readers to the topic, state your contention, and mention what is the purpose of your essay.
    • The body of the essay should be well-structured, using paragraphs. Do not squeeze too much information into one paragraph. Expressing different thoughts in different paragraphs while keeping the whole essay coherent  is a skill you should have.
    • Your conclusion should be as good as the introduction. This is where you do a recap of everything discussed in the body of the essay in the shortest way possible. You should also end it in a way that shows conviction and commands authority backing up your claims and arguments.
    • Always add your references and citations. To show that your history essay is authentic, you have to cite your sources referring to different authorities that helped in your research and back your claims.
    • Check the paper for grammatical errors and edit mistakes before submitting them.
    • Avoid the excessive use of passive voice. Use an active tone instead.
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    Write My History Essay for Me, Please!

    No matter the range of history essay topics, one thing is certain – writing a history essay is not a piece of cake. This article can make the whole process  easier for you as it serves as a guide to help you develop your history essay. The tips laid out from the introduction to the conclusion on how to write a history essay will stay relevant for a long time as they help you become better at writing your essays. However, there are also lots of writing services that can help you get a good essay with ease, and we are not an exception.

    Our professional team of writers have different levels of performance in essay writing. There is a lot you can benefit from writing essays, but there’s also much you can learn from our writers. You will discover that while reading  a history essay performed by one of our writers, your cognitive skills, level of understanding and extensive experience in doing research will enhance significantly .


    Janelle Harris

    Written by:

    Janelle Harris

    Janelle Harris is a Colorado-based writer with over eleven years of academic writing experience. She graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with an MBA degree. Janelle is a passionate expert who believes that assignment instructions must always be impeccably followed.

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