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    Janelle Harris

    Janelle Harris

    5 October, 2020

    A Simple Guide to Informative Essay Writing

    If you have been assigned an informative essay task and don’t know how to start writing it, the first step you should make is to realize how lucky you are. Informative essays are probably the easiest type of paper. However, despite their simplicity, there still are definite norms and rules that should be obeyed while writing an informative essay. If you are not familiar with the nature, structure, and the main principles of informative essay format, you are at risk of making a lot of mistakes. This article aims at helping you learn everything about informative essay definition and its basic features, as well as provide a few handy tips on how to elaborate a perfect piece of write-up that would deserve the highest grade.
    Informative Essay

    What is an Informative Essay?

    An informative essay is considered to be a type of academic paper that aims at informing the readers about the particular subject, event, character, or phenomenon. The author provides a full explanation of the topic and responds to the key questions in this paper. The writing approach implies the fact that the audience has no idea about the assigned topic, and the main task of the author is to describe the nature of the subject by using facts and verified data. In such a way, the awareness of the readers regarding the assigned topic increases through the detailed enlightenment of the phenomenon.

    Sometimes students may confuse the informative and expository types of essays. Although very similar, they, however, have one significant difference: while an informative essay tends to provide as much information on the topic as possible, an expository essay reflects the author’s point of view regarding the topic.

    Informative Essay Purpose

    As has already been mentioned, the main goal of the informative essay is to educate the readers on the assigned topic. As a rule, this type of paper should provide the answers to 5 main W-questions: what, who, when, where, and why. An informative essay is not the best type of paper if the author needs to express their opinion or convince the readers to take a certain stance. The informative essay can motivate others to find out more about the topic with the help of exciting content and interesting facts the authors provide.

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    Keep reading if you want to learn more about the general structure of the informative essay, as well as about each of its structural elements in particular.

    Informative Essay Outline 

    An informative essay structure is very similar to the other types of papers and implies a 5-paragraph principle that means 1 paragraph for introduction, 3 for the main body, and 1 for the conclusion. This is a very general description of the essay structure. In order to learn it in detail, it is necessary to focus on each of the structural elements more precisely.

    How to Write an Informative Essay Introduction?

    Very often, introduction becomes a key part of your essay no matter what type of paper you are dealing with. It should be exciting enough to make the reader feel intrigued and eager to learn more about the subject. From the first lines, a reader takes a decision either to keep reading the text or forget about it. So, the initial sentence of your introductory paragraph needs to perform the role of the so-called hook to encourage others to read your essay till the very end.

    In addition to the attention winning, the main purpose of the introduction is to explain the choice of the topic of your essay and describe the benefits of reading the paper.

    How to Write an Informative Essay Thesis?

    A thesis statement is usually the last sentence of the introductory paragraph of an essay. It performs a function of a road map of the paper, as it aims to inform the readers what message the essay conveys. It should tell the audience how you are to interpret the significance of the assigned topic and answer the main question of the paper. The body paragraphs that come after are to gather the proofs that should confirm the author’s standpoint and persuade the readers.

    Creating a thesis statement is a serious challenge. It requires a lot of research work, analysis of the facts, establishing the possible relations between these facts. Once all these steps are completed, you are ready to come up with the main idea of your informative essay that will be a thesis statement. You may change your thesis statement in the process of writing depending on the facts that can surface later.

    How to Write an Informative Essay Body?

    From the previous paragraph, you have already found out how to start an informative essay. Now it’s high time to learn how to write its body part. Normally, the body of an informative essay consists of 3 paragraphs. However, the structure of the essay is flexible, so you are free to add a few more paragraphs in case the content of your paper requires that.

    The body of the informative essay should be based on elucidating the main point of the essay. Also, it may include a few sub-points that will support the main point by providing evidence and facts. The main point of your essay, as well as all the sub-points, needs to be supported by credible data and information to provide your paper with a specific value.

    The structure of the essay body may be as follows:

    • Brief description of the ideas in an opening paragraph;
    • Description of the supporting points that would help to elaborate each idea in particular;
    • Finalization of each paragraph with the conclusion to each idea.

    How to Write an Informative Essay Conclusion?

    The conclusion is the last chance of the author to convey their message to the audience and convince the readers. In the conclusive paragraph, each word counts. This should be a summary of all the information previously provided. The main role of the conclusion is the motivation of a reader to get to know more about the topic. The final perspective to all the described points can base on the following principles:

    • Make up several strong arguments that would support all the points of your informative essay;
    • Provide a summary of your views paraphrasing the above information;
    • Mention the conclusion you have personally reached.

    How to Choose a Topic for an Informative Essay?

    Choosing informative essay topics may be as challenging as actually writing the paper. If the theme of the essay has been assigned to you by your professor or instructor, you may be unlucky to get a boring topic or one you are not competent in. However, when you are free to choose the informative essay theme by yourself, you may be confused by the variety of informative essay topics offered. Use the following handy tips in order to pick the best theme for your informative paper.

    • The narrower your topic is, the better. If the theme you are going to pick is very general, it can be difficult for you to cope up with the tons of information that require research, analysis, and sorting;
    • If you are not interested in a particular topic or know nothing about it, it is better not to choose it even when the theme seems easy;
    • Before picking the topic, check how much information you can find on it. If the theme isn’t relevant or poorly elucidated, it would be hard to find the sources to base your essay on;
    • Take a topic that you are familiar with. In such a way, you can use already known facts and shorten the time spent on the research.

    Informative Essay Examples 

    Using some excellent examples of the informative essays of the other authors may contribute to the quality of your paper a lot! They can be a perfect source of motivation and inspiration. You can focus on the style that has been used, as well as on some grammatical construction, vocabulary, and essay structure.

    Here are a few brilliant works of the authors elaborated in an informative essay style that may be of great assistance to you:

    Informative Essay Writing Tips 

    Despite the easiness and simple structure, the informative essay can boast of, elaborating it can still become a challenge. Suffering from tons of other assignments and lack of time, the students can hardly create an excellent paper without any professional tips on how to write an A-grade informative essay. Read the recommendations below to present the best result of your creative assignment.

    • Choose carefully the theme and elaborate on the key informative essay ideas that would become a foundation for your future paper. This stage is extremely important as it affects all the future steps of the writing process;
    • Choose an interesting, but at the same time narrow topic for the informative essay. To check whether the given theme is what you need, try to come up with at least several relating ideas before you would even start your work on the paper;
    • Create an outline. It would significantly simplify the task. List all your thoughts and note the main ideas of the essay. Ensure the smooth transitions between your key paragraphs and make sure the logical connections have been added;
    • The introduction of an informative essay is its most important part. From the first words, a reader gets an impression about your paper and decides whether to keep reading it or put it away. Your attitude as to the topic should be understandable already from the first lines of your essay;
    • Use a conclusion as the last chance to impress a reader. Treat your points of view as obvious – this is a good method to convince a reader to share your opinion.  
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    Write My Informative Essay for Me, Please!

    There may be dozens of reasons why students decide to order essays from professional online writing services. Part-time jobs, tons of other assignments, lack of time, boring topic, or just an absence of motivation and inspiration – in any case, it is always better to ask for help than fail the assignment.

    The advantages of contacting the writing professionals are more than obvious:

    • Your informative essay will be completed excellently. The experts will perform in-depth research, analyze the facts, and elaborate the 100% unique paper that would deserve the highest score;
    • Formatting your paper according to the established norms and requirements may be boring and take too much time. When ordering the informative essay from the professional authors, you get a perfectly formatted piece of writing;
    • Editing and proofreading. These stages cannot be omitted in case you expect an A-grade. Let the professionals perform everything instead of you.

    Now you have a full guide to the informative essay writing. If you still need help, ask for it to get a perfect paper within the shortest time possible. Our experienced writers will be more than willing to help you out.


    Janelle Harris

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    Janelle Harris

    Janelle Harris is a Colorado-based writer with over eleven years of academic writing experience. She graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with an MBA degree. Janelle is a passionate expert who believes that assignment instructions must always be impeccably followed.

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