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    Janelle Harris

    Janelle Harris

    4 November, 2020

    What Are The Specifics of a Literary Analysis Essay?

    During their studies, students receive various written assignments. One of these tasks is an essay on literature, namely a literary analysis essay. This type of essay is similar to an argumentative paper, in which students need to analyze various aspects, They include language, main idea, perspective, text structure, as well as particular tools used to create an impression on readers and push them to certain conclusions. Literature analysis essays can develop the writing skills of students, improve their perceptions, and increase their critical skills.
    Literary Analysis Essay

    What is a Literary Analysis Essay?

    A literary analysis essay is an academic paper usually assigned to students to evaluate their skills and scrutinize a literature work. A literary analysis essay can be written on the basis of any book and any author’s written composition. A literary analysis essay definition implies a careful examination of a text, interpretation of its meanings, and investigation of why the author decided to write that way and not another. This type of research can be applied to such literary works as novels, poems, theatrical plays, short stories, etc.

    The main objective of a literary analysis essay is an in-depth study and evaluation of an entire literary work or one of its aspects. In contrast to rhetorical research, a literary analysis is not just a summary of the book plot or a work review. When writing a literary analysis essay, the goal of students is to convince the reader that they support the idea they are developing. An analysis of a literature work requires its breaking into different elements to study them separately. This method helps students better understand the entire literature text.

    Literary Analysis Essay Outline

    Before starting to write a literary analysis essay, students have to carefully study the text and understand the topic they are writing about. Then, they have to compose a thesis statement, which usually includes several paragraphs. Most often, the thesis is stated at the end of the introductory paragraph. This core argument allows students to stay focused on the central idea and its presentation to the essay readers. The central notion governs all the writing development, and it should be traced in all parts of the essay. The standard structure of any academic essay comprises:

    • The introduction that tells the reader about the main focus of this essay;
    • The main body that presents an argument on the basis of evidence from the text;
    • The conclusion that clearly brings out the central idea taken from the analysis already made.
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    The thesis statement can be revised in the course of the writing process, so it does not need to be correctly formulated from the beginning. Its goal is to keep students focused while they are analyzing the text from different angles. Textual evidence should be quoted and analyzed to substantiate the student’s point of view and explain the argument to the readers. So, taking notes and collecting textual evidence before writing will help students structure their arguments and assess whether they are relevant and convincing enough.

    How to Choose a Topic for a Literary Analysis Essay?

    Usually, a teacher gives a topic for this essay. To start writing a literary analysis paper, students need to make up a good title based on the topic. It must be as concise and engaging as possible. A common approach is to use a relevant quote from the literature work. The title typically includes the author and the name of the literary work to be analyzed. Also, it should clearly indicate what kind of analysis will be used. If students have some difficulties with a perfect title at this stage, they can do it later when they finish writing the essay in general and have a better idea of their arguments.

    In other cases, students are free to choose their own topics. Hence, they have to come up with an original thesis. It can be surprising, intriguing, and even confusing. For that, students have to consider what has attracted their attention in the text. They should then select particular elements from the book and think about how it would be better to answer questions related to them. Also, students are expected to find connections between the ideas of the literary work and its plot, as well as the behavior of characters and changes of their roles in the text.

    Literary Analysis Essay Topics

    • A Rose For Emily Literary Analysis
    • Catcher In The Rye Literary Analysis
    • A Worn Path Literary Analysis
    • Dumpster Diving Literary Analysis
    • Macbeth Literary Analysis
    • Edgar Allan Poe Literary Analysis
    • 1984 Literary Analysis
    • Literary Analysis Of Masque Of The Red Death
    • Literary Analysis Of Edward Thomas Poetry
    • Romeo And Juliet Literary Analysis
    • Literary Analysis Of A Streetcar Named Desire
    • The Cask Of Amontillado Analysis
    • The Picture Of Dorian Gray Analysis
    • Harlem Renaissance Analysis
    • Inherit The Wind Analysis

    Frankenstein Literary Analysis Topics

    • Overstepping Boundaries in Frankenstein and Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
    • Victor Frankenstein’s Selfishness as The Reason for His Downfall
    • The Problem of Evil in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Robert Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    • The Theme of Responsibility in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    • The Incorporation of Adam and Eve’s Story in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    • The Theme of Revenge in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    • Romance, Horror, and Feminism in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    • She Might Become Ten Times More Malignant than Her Mate: Feminism in Frankenstein
    • Analysis of Feminism in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    • Analysis of Poetry Referencing in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

    To Kill A Mockingbird Literary Analysis Topics

    • To Kill a Mockingbird Justice
    • To Kill a Mockingbird and Animal Farm
    • To Kill a Mockingbird: Examples of Courage
    • Ethical Issues in To Kill A Mockingbird
    • To Kill A Mockingbird Women Stereotypes
    • The Non-Dichotomy Of Good And Evil (In Context Of Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird)

    A Rose For Emily Literary Analysis Essay Ideas

    • Literary Analysis On “A Rose For Emily”
    • Comparative Analysis: A Rose For Emily And The Yellow Wallpaper
    • Comparing And Contrasting “Barn Burning” And “A Rose For Emily”
    • Grotesque Reality In William Faulkner’s “A Rose For Emily”
    • Compare And Contrast “Rose For Emily” And “Story Of An Hour”
    • Comparison – Contrast: A Rose For Emily/ Everything That Rises Must Converge
    • A Rose For Emily: Story Vs. Film
    • The Psychological Criticism of Emily in William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”
    • Mental Illness in a Rose for Emily

    The Great Gatsby Literary Analysis Essay Topics

    • Criticism Of The Great Gatsby
    • The Great Gatsby Character Analysis
    • Biographical Analysis Of The Great Gatsby
    • Great Gatsby Tom Buchanan Analysis
    • Foreshadowing In The Great Gatsby
    • The Great Gatsby: Appearance Vs Reality
    • American Dream In “The Great Gatsby”
    • Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

    Literary Analysis Essay Examples

    If you have not enough experience in writing literary analysis essays, you can find useful examples online. This kind of writing requires tight organization and great determination to the specific point of development. Pay attention to the textual elements that the author used to convey meaning and create effects. If your task is to compare several texts, you should demonstrate a strict connection between them.

    While analyzing each aspect of the book, try to find how they all relate to each other. You can use notes or highlights to keep track of essential passages and citations. Also, consider what language style is used. Is the text simple or complex? Remember that the language used in literary texts always tells more than it seems at first sight.

    Well-written and thought-out sample papers will surely help ponder a title, thesis statement, arguments, and the whole structure of your essay. Based on a literary analysis essay example, you can analyze the written book in question and realize how the text works on a deeper level. Take a look at the following insightful examples of literary analysis essays:

    How to Format a Literary Analysis Essay?

    A literary analysis essay typically has a five-paragraph structure: introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion. Page numbers are given when necessary. An introduction should be written first. However, some students opt for writing the introduction later when they have a general concept of the essay and the overall shape of their arguments. Students can return to this initial part later to make sure that it is still relevant and edit it if necessary.

    An introduction should provide a quick overview of the student’s arguments. It should include an indication of the text and its author, as well as the essay summary. The thesis is needed to tell the readers what to expect. Most often, it is a restricted and precise declarative statement that gives the purpose of this essay. It is best to start with a commonly accepted opinion about the literary work and its author.

    A smart choice would be to demonstrate in the thesis that the student intends to prove an individual position regarding that particular literary work. To capture readers’ interest in the subject, students may want to use quotations, provocative questions, controversial declarations, or a combination of these phrases. A crucial part of literary analysis is supporting arguments with relevant evidence based on the text. For that, quotes and citations are used along with a possible explanation of their significance.

    The main body of the literary analysis essay has to present arguments and textual evidence that supports them. Each paragraph of the main body should focus on one point. The arguments are recommended to be divided into several areas of analysis. Students are also advised to use topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. These sentences give ideas about what the sections are about. Each of them usually continues the previous paragraph and introduces a new argument.

    The essay conclusion makes a final impression of the whole essay. It is designed to summarize the key points stated above and emphasize their significance to the readers. Students should not use quotations and any new information in this part of the literary analysis essay. The conclusion has to provide the readers with a sense of completion by restating the primary idea with a short description of arguments. What means did the author use to convey personal opinion regarding the issue? Also, students have to explain why this literary work is significant overall.

    Literary Analysis Essay Writing Tips

    First off, writing a literary analysis essay does not imply a presentation of the book plot. The emphasis needs to be put on explanation and clarification of how and why the book matters. Such analysis requires separating the entire text into its various elements to study its nature, determine its essential features, and examine their interrelationship. For that, an in-depth study of the text is of paramount importance. The book should be read using imagination and feelings with particular attention to every word, sentence, language figure, and literary technique.

    So, how to write a literary analysis essay? The primary role of this essay type is to draw conclusions and develop arguments. The correct and effective use of textual evidence is crucial for the successful literary analysis essay. The skillful use of textual evidence, such as summary, paraphrase, specific detail, and direct quotations, can support the developing ideas in this essay. Simultaneously, textual evidence has to be used judiciously and only when it is directly related to the subject.

    Backing analysis with specific examples from the text will ground and substantiate conclusions. Students are welcome to present their interpretation of the literary work. However, this interpretation must be supported by evidence, and the readers have to find it plausible. Each essay paragraph should support the thesis statement and prove the student’s claim. In conclusion, the main points are summarized and connected to the thesis. An explanation of what can be learned about human nature or particular human experience is always relevant.

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    Janelle Harris

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    Janelle Harris

    Janelle Harris is a Colorado-based writer with over eleven years of academic writing experience. She graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with an MBA degree. Janelle is a passionate expert who believes that assignment instructions must always be impeccably followed.

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