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    Janelle Harris

    Janelle Harris

    24 December, 2020

    What Is an Opinion Essay and How to Write it Professionally

    Writing an opinion essay can be very easy when a student understands how to create a well-written paper. This type of essay requires students to provide their thoughts and perspectives related to the given subject matter. The central opinion is supported with facts, examples, and explanations. Before starting to work on a paper, students should learn how to write an opinion essay considering content structure, academic requirements, and some ready-to-read examples. In this definitive guide, you’ll find all the bits of information that will give you comprehension about writing an opinion essay not breaking the final deadline and keeping the expected quality at the optimal level. 
    opinion essay

    What Is an Opinion Essay?

    Most first-year students are usually overloaded with the number of opinion essays they have to write on a variety of subjects. Opinion essay topics may range depending on the course, but the essential features of this kind of writing remain the same. The instructions for opinion essays include the range of questions that help students to share their subject-matter ideas in a detailed way. Academic requirements that are usually attached to the main assignment require students to deliver the best of their analytical and creative skills to provide answers that have weight and value to the reader. Mainly, students have to write their thoughts and insights on any given point of assignment.

    One of the good strategies is Five Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Those five interrogative words should relate to the opinion expressed by the students in their paper. Also, opinion essays must be accompanied with references to the original authors if a student uses ideas from books and studies or historical examples. Introduction of the essay should begin with polite addressing to the readers. In the end of introduction, you should provide a rhetorical question to give a direction to the narrative in the body paragraphs. In conclusion, students have to support or reject the claim made in the introduction paragraph.

    How to Choose a Topic for an Opinion Essay?

    Choosing a topic for your opinion essay should not be a problem, especially given the number of disciplines available for students on different faculties. The issues include but are not limited to politics, health, sports, economics, medical studies, and so on. Among all kinds of essays, the opinion ones should be easy to write because the topic can be literally on any issue that has controversial grounds. Topics that are actively covered in the media space and are talked about are a good choice since you can provide different perspectives as you are familiar with the issue. The topic from the magazine article that was released a month ago is a much better choice than the issue that was relevant in the 18th century. Therefore, the best topic is a familiar one.

    Opinion Essay Topics

    • Essay On My Opinion On Teaching Philosophy
    • Opinion Paper: Poverty In America
    • Premarital Sex Opinion
    • Opinion Of Euthanasia
    • Opinion On Death Penalty
    • Basil’s Changes As Related To Wilder’s Opinion On A
    • A Summary Of Opinions And Social Pressure
    • Effect Of Music On Grades Of Students
    • Should Students Grade Their Teacher?
    • Anti Vietnam War Protest Mobilization
    • Introduction To Islamic Law
    • Master-Servant Relationship

    Opinion Essay Topics 5Th Grade

    • Opinion On Abramov’s Water Pastel Painting
    • Opinion On American Gothic Painting
    • In My Opinion, Macbeth Is A Tragic Hero
    • The Poems Show Thomas’s Opinions
    • Is Artistic Judgement Merely Subjective Opinion?
    • How Hg Wells Shows His Low Opinion Of Mankind In War Of The Worlds
    • Financial Management
    • Why Effective Communication Is Important?
    • Comparison Of Characters Annette Vs. Nancy
    • Women In Politics And Their Role In History
    • Constitutional Law In United States

    Opinion Essay Topics 4Th Grade

    • Opinion On Future Challenges
    • Democracy In My Opinion
    • Analysis Of “The Kaleidoscope”, “Sandra’s Mobile” And “Second Opinion”
    • My Opinion About Hip-Hop And Rap Music
    • The Mass Media Plays An Important Role In Shaping The Opinions
    • Opinions About Pharmakon And Biopath
    • Parents And Teens, Pressure To Get Good Grades
    • Freedom Of Speech
    • Andrew Carnegie: A “Prime Representative Of The Industrial Age. ”
    • Michael Howard And The Necessity Of Studying War
    • Green Business: Solutions For Environmental Problems

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    More Topic Ideas


    Opinion Essay Topics 5Th Grade

    Opinion Essay Topics 4Th Grade

    Opinion Essay Topics


    Opinion Essay Outline

    Feeling lost because you don’t know how to start an opinion essay and finish it following the logical structure? Actually, writing an outline for an opinion essay isn’t that different compared to other types of writing assignments, like compare and contrast, pros and cons, and declarative essays. When planning the outline, focus on the proper content structure as it can make your future writing a piece of academic art or a complete disaster. Thus, the success of your essay depends on developing and following the plan. Considering everything mentioned above, opinion essay may have the following structure:

    Intro paragraph

    • Open sentence to gain attention of readers
    • Main topic introduction
    • Thesis sentence in the end

    1st body paragraph

    • Topic sentence in the beginning
    • Examples, facts, and ideas
    • Transition sentence

    2nd body paragraph

    • Second topic sentence to support your main argument
    • Facts, examples, and ideas to support second topic sentence
    • Transition/concluding sentence

    3rd body paragraph

    • Third topic sentence to support your main argument
    • Facts, examples, and ideas to support third topic sentence
    • Concluding sentence


    • Restated thesis from the introduction
    • Summary of your findings and conclusions
    • Further ideas and notices

    Basic Expressions to Use

    There are various basic expressions that help follow the opinion essay format. Common phrases that you can use during writing are those you can often meet in the tests like TOEFL and IELTS. In academic essays, you should rely on phrases that will highlight your beliefs and your angle of looking at the problem.

    Informal Phrases:

    • I am sure that this book wins over many others during the same historical period
    • I believe that the author wanted to express direct criticism over this idea
    • To my mind, the idea offered by my group mate does not seem viable

    Formal Phrases:

    • It would be apparent that the characters in the novel are in direct conflict with each other
    • It could be discussed that the author didn’t support a single opinion
    • This proves that the climax of the story was foretold in the beginning
    • It affirms the idea that the research had an effective initial design.

    Furthermore, you can use adjectives and adverbs to provide extra emotional coloring to your sentences and opinions. To emphasize your ideas, you could use the following words:

    Certainly, definitely, partially, poorly, emotionally, deeply, finally, surprisingly, interestingly, bright, powerful, self-describing, etc.

    As you can see, the whole English vocabulary is open to you. However, it’s not advised to oversaturate the essay with empty adjectives. Try to focus on your arguments firsthand, and only then add a bunch of adjectives where necessary to make your ideas more vivid and clearer. If you are unsure of your abilities or you do not have time, you can write to our support service “write my essay for me“, and we will solve this problem for you.

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    Opinion Essay Examples

    If you have doubts about writing your own high-quality opinion essay, feel free to refer to the best samples we provided below. Actually, when speaking about writing the best opinion essay, getting acquainted with some specific examples might be a wonderful idea. Here are some of the best works we could find for you.

    More Essay Examples


    an opinion essay example about perfect World

    opinion essay example on World War 2

    opinion essay example on fast food

    opinion essay introduction example

    opinion essay introduction example

    opinion essay sample about love

    opinion essay sample about love

    opinion essay sample about love

    opinion essay sample about love


    Writing Tips for an Opinion Essay

    Writing an opinion essay is mostly about expressing your thoughts on a specific topic; so, all the tips you’re going to find below relate to the development of your thinking and writing skills. In most cases, you’ll be asked to show your opinion on a controversial topic that offers numerous possible perspectives to talk about. The length of your essay can vary, but in the majority of cases, the whole paper doesn’t excess 2-3 academic pages, which is the standard size required by most educational facilities. These are the common writing tips you can refer to when composing your essay:

    Research the topic

    Before diving into discussion about any topic, you have to get a general idea what it’s all about. Your personal opinion should reflect your knowledge about the topic and has to be based on the proper usage of facts. There are two steps to follow in your research agenda. First of all, find the list of popular supporting arguments about the topic. Secondly, counter arguments are also required to shape your initial understanding. Note them both in a separate document before starting to write.

    Use supporting evidence

    Learn to use external supporting evidence for backing up your claims. Although the essay mostly covers your angle on the topic, statements that are based on facts might be a better choice than just your opinion. To make readers acknowledge your position correctly, try to introduce factual statements equally with your opinion. Usage of for and against statements is a good way to introduce supporting evidence. Let’s say you want to defend your claim against the idea; so, after mentioning it in the paper once, refer to the factual evidence from the external source to back up the claim.

    Keep the tone emotionally neutral

    To make your opinion essay sound  reliable, you should exclude overly negative or happy tones when offering your perspective on a topic. Let’s compare two different statements to see how you shouldn’t write when talking about something

    Too negative:

    “Characters of the novel made me feel sarcastic. Who on earth could behave like them? They didn’t have enough perspective to act like adults, not like primitive kids.”

    Too positive:

    “I was feeling ecstatic when the protagonist defeated the villain! I was so proud of him/her that I couldn’t help smiling like when visiting Disneyland.”

    As you can see in the examples, sarcastic or naive language could distort the opinion. As a result, a person who makes these arguments doesn’t seem to be trustworthy. To make your argument valid, focus on the objective unbiased tone free from any emotions when expressing your opinion in paper.

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