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    Janelle Harris

    Janelle Harris

    7 February, 2021

    How to Write an Excellent Profile Essay?

    Professors and teachers often test students’ skills of writing a profile essay. Mostly, journalism students have to write profile essays as part of their term papers or academic assignments. Therefore, they need to know how to cope with this type of academic task. A personal interview can be a good profile essay example. Profile articles can be found in such editions as the New Yorker, Washington Post, Esquire, etc. Analyzing these publications will help you make your papers better. This article can serve you as a guide on how to write a profile essay in the best way.
    Profile Essay

    What Is A Profile Essay?

    A profile essay is a type of informative copy based on the  description of a place, event, people, or a specific person. This type of paper is similar to journalistic research, i.e., its purpose is primarily to provide information. At the same time, a profile essay is a literary work, so it should be exciting and descriptive. The author has to present their view of the subject and provide the reader with an exciting and immersive experience. Consequently, a profile essay should always be well-written and comprehensive. Also, it has to provide balanced information on a selected topic.

    Writing this type of essay will take time and effort. To create a successful and persuasive profile essay, you need to allocate time and collect the necessary information. A comprehensive and well-balanced copy is the result of students’ in-depth research and knowledge acquired. It is not just a superficial description of the topic. This essay type should also be designed to answer the questions that may arise when trying to understand the given topic.

    In just a few pages, students have to clarify the essence of an event or phenomenon. Writing a profile essay may require a description of a specific event, organization, or movement. Students may need to talk about one of the famous politicians, philanthropists, or public figures. If a person is the main focus, the profile essay can include an interview to determine his or her character and motivation. Based on this, students need to provide a personal opinion about it.

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    Basic Pre-Writing Steps to Take

    When it comes to preparing to write a profile essay, first of all, think about what you want to write about if the teacher did not assign you a particular topic. Your level of interest can make your essay successful. If you are enthusiastic about the issue, the readers will feel it. Your concern can make your copy engaging. The main goal of a successful essay is to give your readers a complete description of a subject, person, or event. You should also take into account readers’ general knowledge and build your essay on that basis. You have to expand the knowledge that your readers already have.

    If you are going to write the profile essay about a person, the best way is to interview him or her personally. If it is not possible, imagine how you would do it. Any writing assignment will require a preparation from you before you start writing. First, gather as much information as possible about this person. Do your homework and read the necessary material before the interview. Obtaining first-hand information is always better since you can get details that you will not find anywhere else. Based on the data acquired during the interview, you will be able to create a good profile essay.

    To make an excellent in-person interview, you should prepare some questions in advance. Try to ask broad and open-ended questions starting with such words as who, what, when, where, and why. You have to minimize the number of questions that are supposed to be answered like “yes” or “no,” as they suggest a risk that your interlocutor will not be talkative. In this  case, you may end up asking too many questions, and the interviewed person can only nod or shake the head instead of giving extended answers that you really need.

    How to Choose a Topic for a Creative Essay?

    The choice of relevant profile essay topics is of great importance for a good profile essay, and you should take it seriously. If you are allowed to choose a topic yourself, think about something interesting for you to write about. Sort out several persons, places, or events to realize what exactly presents a vivid interest for you. Avoid choosing a person or celebrity you do not know or cannot meet in person. As a rule, well-known personalities or historical places attract more readers’ interest since people want to know more about them. However, an unknown person or place can make your content boring for many readers.

    Profile Essay Topics

    • Haiti Demographic Effect of Online Dating’s Profile
    • Diagnosis And Resulting Profile
    • The Role Of Narcissism In Profile Picture Selection
    • City Demographics And Crime Profile
    • Social Media Vs Reality
    • The U.S. Health Care System
    • Effect of Online Dating
    • The Company Profile of McDonald’s

    Profile Essay Topics On A Place

    • Tesla Motors – Company Profiles
    • Uniqlo Company Profile
    • Mountains Are The Most Relaxing Place On Earth
    • Should The Government Place A Tax On Junk Food And Fatty Snacks?
    • The Study Of History Places Too Much Emphasis On Individuals
    • Profile Of The Science Museum
    • Problem of Police Brutality in Chicago

    Personality Profile Essay Ideas

    • Profile Of My Mother
    • Personality Of An Intp
    • Punk Profile
    • Profiles In American Enterprise
    • A Psychological Profile Of Holden Caufield
    • Profiles In Courage
    • Death Of A Salesman – Biff Character Profile
    • Profile Of A Killer
    • Leader Profile: Barack Obama

    More Topic Ideas


    Profile Essay Topics On A Place

    Personality Profile Essay Ideas

    Profile Essay Topics


    Profile Essay Outline

    The outline is not required to write your profile essay unless your teacher insists on it. However, a detailed profile essay outline will help you organize your thoughts. The plan does not need to be written in a specific format, but a few essential points will help you. Like any other academic paper, the profile essay should include an introduction, body part, and conclusion. With some information and sketches at your hand, you can draw up your plan. Choose the format that suits you best and write several words concerning each of the three main parts.

    Write an Introduction

    An introductory part is like a preview of your profile essay to give your readers a general idea of the following text. It serves as a starting point for the body paragraphs. Ideally, the introduction usually has several lines, and draws the reader’s attention. While writing, you should use a hook to attract the readers. Introduce thought-provoking questions and include different details for that. If possible, consider adding an intriguing original quote to illustrate your idea better. In the last sentence of the introductory part, make a strong statement to prepare the readers.

    Create the Main Body

    Main body is a substantial part of your profile essay. Therefore, it should provide your future readers with essential information after they familiarize themselves with the introduction. Similar to any academic paper, the information in the body part of your profile essay should be conveyed consistently and smoothly. This part of your paper should not be difficult or tedious to read. Your goal is to arouse your readers’ interest to get to the end of your copy and find out your main idea.

    Indicate the main points and details with a clear explanation. For example, if you describe a person, tell about his or her appearance, behavior, and so on. If you are writing about an event, add the corresponding details. Questions and highlights should be presented in a separate paragraph. Link each essay section to the information provided in the introduction. Each paragraph should contain a final sentence so that readers can understand the essence of the issue under review and the general idea. Hence, it is essential to follow the strict essay structure.

    Make an Impressive Conclusion

    In the final part, briefly summarize all the information provided earlier. Support the central thesis with clarifications in your conclusion. A profile essay should be exciting and intriguing. Some students also add an essential question to make the readers think about this point. When you finish writing the conclusion, reread your paper with fresh eyes. You will probably want to make the necessary accents and add some explanations in the final part.

    Profile Essay Examples

    If you have not written a profile essay yet, you should better check out the best samples of this type of academic assignments. In this way, you will better understand what your instructor is expecting to get from you. Check out some consistent and well-written profile essay examples here:

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    Writing Tips for a Profile Essay

    The first thing you should do is choose an impressive and engaging topic for your profile essay. Plan your writing process so as not to  rush or miss essential steps. Do not forget that first impressions matter, so try to capture your readers from the first lines. All parts of your profile essay should meet the reader’s expectations, from introduction to conclusion. Avoid too short explanations, very detailed descriptions, and simple enumerations.

    Your creative copy should be enjoyable and fun to read. A profile essay is typically written in the first person. Do not use a dry and formal academic style. Choose a style, tone, and writing format matching an informal description and narration. To make your profile essay better, use some surprising facts, light humor, or provoking questions. Do not skimp on various details. Small but essential details will make your paper worthy an A grade.

    Write My Profile Essay for Me, Please!

    Although a profile essay is not the most complex type of an academic assignment, you should take this task seriously and responsibly. If you want to get the highest score and satisfaction with your paper, feel free to contact the Write My Essay Today service. According to your requirements, experienced authors will fulfill various academic assignments of different complexity. You can order a profile essay here and be sure that it will be done quickly and timely.


    Janelle Harris

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    Janelle Harris

    Janelle Harris is a Colorado-based writer with over eleven years of academic writing experience. She graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with an MBA degree. Janelle is a passionate expert who believes that assignment instructions must always be impeccably followed.

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