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    Janelle Harris

    Janelle Harris

    10 November, 2020

    Thematic Essay: Overview and Essential Tips on Writing This Academic Paper

    The education system in the US and many other countries requires students to write various academic papers. Such a particular type of written assignment as thematic essays can be found among them. Similar to informative writing, a thematic essay operates with facts and evidence. This type of essay is based on a specific question or topic that needs to be identified and elaborated. The central idea of a thematic essay remains in understanding and assessment of historical facts and social phenomena.
    Thematic Essay

    Although a thematic essay has many similarities with other types of essays, some crucial differences may confuse some students. Depending on their personal skills, students may face significant difficulties at any stage of writing a thematic essay. Therefore, they have to study the requirements for this type of college assignment and strive to meet them. In this article, you can check out some of the essential properties of thematic essays. Knowing them will help you cope with this type of academic work.

    What Is a Thematic Essay?

    Each literary work ever written has its own theme and general purpose . However, not all talented writers who wrote literary works intended to immediately reveal to readers what they wanted to say. More often than not, they tried to involve readers in the world of their writing and make them read between the lines. The goal of the readers is to uncover what the authors tried to say in their works. This is how students can take the first step towards writing a thematic essay.

    So, what is a thematic essay? It is an academic assignment in which students have to highlight the central theme in a given literary work and show which literary techniques were used. For a well-written thematic essay, a solid basic idea is essential, and it has to be supported by concrete evidence and logical arguments based on the literary techniques used. Literary devices are structures such as metaphors, allegory, imagery, personification, symbolism, etc. that are used by a writer to better convey a message to readers.

    A theme essay is based on a specific question or topic. Students should develop the main idea or topic around which the entire paper will revolve. They need to answer specific questions related to the chosen theme and give them a clear explanation. In addition, students have to show the connection between different facts and come to a logical conclusion. Understanding and comprehending historical facts and social phenomena requires critical thinking, research skills, and correct assessment to formulate a coherent and detailed description of the topic under consideration.

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    How to Find and Explore the Central Theme?

    A well-written thematic essay is built on a concrete central idea, which is convincingly supported by literary devices and logical arguments. Hence, students should be extremely careful when choosing an essay topic. Each reader can interpret and understand different problems in different ways. Students can select a relevant topic for them, but this does not mean that their essay readers will have the same opinion. Consequently, students should imagine what their potential readers are and identify the most acceptable and unambiguous idea that will interest them.

    Students need to evaluate all the pros and cons and find a definite objective to steer them in the right direction. To fully explore the topic, students have to use evidence, facts, and examples gleaned from primary and secondary sources. Various points must be judged and linked to come to a logical conclusion. Only reliable sources should be used, as incorrect facts can confuse and puzzle readers. Understanding the main topic and providing relevant examples allow the teacher to evaluate the students’ knowledge of the material in question.

    Think about the topics you discussed with friends, acquaintances, or parents. Perhaps some of these conversations will remind you of a piece of literature that you like. Write down all the ideas that come to your mind, even the most absurd and controversial ones. Try to analyze the subject and the problems on which the authors built their literary works. You can also find some exciting and compelling ideas in different literary works. Brainstorming can surely help you come up with your own topic for your thematic essay.

    Human Rights Thematic Essay Ideas

    • Human Rights and Globalization
    • Violation of Basic Human Rights
    • Reebok – Managing Human Rights Issues ‘Ethically?’
    • Human Rights: Health and Social Care
    • The Process of Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    • Content of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    • Internet Censorship is a Violation of Human Rights
    • Cuba: Crimes Against Human Rights
    • Are Human Rights Universal?
    • Sex Trafficking : A Serious Crime And A Grave Violation Of Human Rights
    • Child Labour Is A Human Rights Violation
    • Women’s Rights are Human Rights
    • Human Rights Violations History

    Geography Thematic Essay Topics

    • Russian Geography And Its Affect On Society
    • Geography Senegal: An In Depth Study Senegal Is A Republic Located In
    • Geography And Eschatology
    • Christopher Columbus
    • International Business
    • Geology Of Massif Montgris
    • Volcano Types
    • Discuss The Importance Of Von Thunen Theory In Our Appreciation Of Rural Geography
    • Ancient Egypt Geography
    • The Geographies Of The Global Financial Crisis
    • Agriculture In Nepal
    • Industrial Solid Waste Disposal Management In Dubai
    • Compare And Contrast China And Rome
    • Decentralization: Federal Government

    Political Systems Thematic Essay Ideas

    • Diversity Of Political And Economic Systems Around The World
    • Non-Political Revolutions
    • Political Socialization
    • Relationships Among Ethical, Social And Political Issues
    • Gender Mainstreaming
    • An Introduction To 16Th Century Political Thought
    • Rhetorical Analysis Of Obama’s Political Speeches
    • Political Orientation And Aesthetics Within The Community
    • Corruption – The Issue Of Major Political And Economic Significance
    • What Is The Role Of Political Parties In A Democracy
    • Advantage And Disadvantage Of Political Dynasties
    • Effects Of Internet On World Politics
    • Compare And Contrast Machiavelli And Hobbes
    • Political Art In The 19Th And 20Th Centuries

    Economic Systems Thematic Essay Ideas

    • Evaluating Economic Problems Or Systems
    • Diversity Of Political And Economic Systems Around The World
    • Weighted Average Cost Of Capital And Systems Segment
    • Economics Scarcity
    • Nowadays Economic And Solar Power
    • Economic Analysis For Business
    • Activity Based Costing, Balanced Scorecard And Economic Value Added
    • The Rapidity Of The Economic Development Of A Country
    • Comparative Economic Development
    • Economic Planning History
    • Case Study- Economic Environment
    • Economic Impact Of Railways
    • Accounting Information Systems And Ethics
    • Economic Sanctions
    • Market Economy Vs. Command Economy

    Thematic Essay Outline

    The outline guarantees the integrity of all the essay parts and is designed to guide the student through the entire process of writing. You can create a perfect and logically written thematic essay with a detailed plan of work to do. The thematic essay outline is similar to the plan adapted to other types of essays. So, even if this is the first time you are going to write this type of paper, you are undoubtedly familiar with the common basics of essay structure.

    How to write a thematic essay then? Its creation involves following several essential rules. The paper should have a clear structure and contain a specific thesis since data presentation should come from the main subject. Students have not to lose sight of the main point and allow themselves to delve into intricacies. All parts of the essay have to be written in accordance with the formatting standards. Any thematic essay should have at least five paragraphs. Thus, the five-paragraph structure includes an introduction, three body sections, and a conclusion.

    An introduction is the heart of every essay. This initial part should be relevant and interesting to the reader. A weak introduction will hardly attract the attention of readers. So, they may not want to keep reading the essay. However, a strong introduction will definitely arouse the reader’s interest. To start writing the paper, you need a consistent theme, a catchy introduction , and a clear explanation of your main goal. Thus, the first sentence should be a hook statement. After that, provide the necessary background information and add a thesis that should summarize the main idea or topic.

    Body paragraphs have to be strictly separated, and each of them should refer to one or more literary devices. Your goal is to back up arguments and provide as many supporting details as possible. An analysis is needed to validate your idea and explain your thoughts. Taking examples from the literary work in question is an excellent method to reinforce your statements. You can add some quotes or citations related to the essay topic. In doing so, be precise and concise.

    Finally, the conclusion should include a summary of all the arguments presented. It should be written  in  one or two sentences that will summarize your work. This part should be short, clear, logical, and convincing. You do not need to add new and unnecessary information, even if it seems relevant to the topic. Summarize the three most essential statements and briefly explain how these points affect and support the thesis. The final sentence of your thematic essay should give an impetus for further discussion.

    Thematic Essay Examples

    You can find quite a few examples of good thematic essays online. Guides are helpful because not knowing what such a copy should look like can lead to failure. To understand the specifics of style and write a quality paper, you can browse some examples of thematic essays written by both students and professional writers. In this way, a particular thematic essay example can lead you to a better understanding of this type of writing:

    Thematic Essay Writing Tips

    A theme essay can be highly graded if the student has managed to show a clear understanding of the subject, completed all aspects of this assignment, and demonstrated an ability to analyze both issues and events. The major arguments and points have to be summarized. The necessary connections must support the basic concept. A persuasive and cohesive thematic essay should also have a proper structure with an engaging introduction and a firm conclusion.

    However, a thematic essay becomes ineffective if it uses an erroneous analysis of the subject, lacks the depth of accuracy, and misses concrete examples or historical details. A significant drawback is also the non-observance of the rules for essay structuring and formatting. Thus, writing a perfect thematic essay requires special attention to detail and the ability to gather your thoughts on the main subject of your research.

    After you finished your essay, be sure to read it again. Final checking, revising, and correcting are of great importance. Grammatical and spelling errors can make the paper unreadable and reduce your grade. If you have any difficulties at various stages of writing this work, contact your teacher for advice. Also, it is always a good idea to ask someone to read your thematic essay. You can be subjective, and another person with a fresh pair of eyes can easily spot the obvious mistakes you might have missed.

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    Write My Thematic Essay for Me, Please!

    It is not always easy for students to complete various written works. Even if you choose the right topic and think over all the key points, you may not write your essay correctly. Essays must be written in strict accordance with various academic requirements and rules. In addition to the difficulties with selecting the appropriate topic and the correct presentation of the necessary elements, a mandatory period for task fulfillment is always set. Therefore, many students use special online writing services to meet deadlines.

    If you think you will not be able to write a thematic essay on time, or you are not sure how to write it correctly, feel free to use professional online help. The Write My Essay Today service can guarantee that your essay will meet the highest academic standards and be delivered to you on time. We are an experienced writing resource that takes pride in accomplishments during many years of business activity.

    We have already helped thousands of students from all over the world. Numerous customer reviews and official ratings confirm this information. Professional authors are carefully selected by agency management before being hired. Also, this reliable online service provides a money-back guarantee for all customers. Therefore, you will never regret using this high-quality writing assistance. Visit our official website to find out more.


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    Janelle Harris

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