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Fair Prices
If you want to get a dissertation cheap, you should turn to our writing service. We offer competitive prices with other services, but only here may you get dissertation services of the highest quality. A fee varies depending on different factors, but the final cost may be calculated using an inbuilt online calculator that considers all your requirements and offers the best price for quality services.
24/7 Assistance
You should not delay contacting our dissertation writing service on other days since we are available 24/7. Our friendly support team is ready to answer your questions and solve your problems any time, day and night. You may keep in touch with us via online chat, email, or phone. Moreover, find us on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since we are open to communication with our regular and potential clients.
Upscale Quality
Our philosophy is quality. Visiting our dissertation writing site, you will find a detailed description of our work and positive feedback since we provide quality dissertations only. All the writings are unique and errorless since we double-check each piece and use only trusty information. Moreover, we may cope even with a Ph.D. dissertation that will not evoke any questions or doubts concerning quality and formatting.
100% Refund
Although we do not face such requests often, we do not reduce our efforts to fulfill them. We understand the importance of custom dissertation quality and timely delivery, so we guarantee that we will do our best to meet your expectations. But we are ready to refund if you do not accept a ready-made order or are unsatisfied with the final result. In addition, if you want to cancel dissertation writing within an hour after placing your order, we return the whole sum without any questions.
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Our Guarantees:

Complete Privacy
We comply with the rules of the Privacy Policy and do not share any confidential information about those who requested "write my dissertation for me" from our site. Moreover, we do not ask for your name and provide anonymous communication with our clients.
Experienced Writers
We employ only professional dissertation writers who have years of experience in dissertation writing and can cope with the task at the highest level. All the authors are ready to conduct quality research, select all the needed information to correspond to your instructions, and not let our clients down.
Unique Papers
Original papers are a hallmark of our dissertation service. When asked, “Write my dissertation,” we take every request seriously. Moreover, we provide software-based checks of each paper we issue to avoid problems with copyrights.
Always on Time
Cooperating with our dissertation writing service, you should not worry about failing deadlines. We may handle papers starting from two hours. Since a dissertation paper is much longer and requires a serious approach, we need more time. But in any way, be sure of timely delivery.
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Stuck on Your Essay?
Let a subject-matter expert write a high-quality, Turnitin-safe paper for you while you focus on other important tasks!

Making Your Essay Longer Is Easier than You Think

To approach the deadline, students try to predict how long the writing process may require. However, unable to calculate properly, they may run out of time before hitting the correct word count. Of course, the situation could be a complete dead-end without an alternative solution. An essay lengthener is a professional help to fulfill the required count of words or pages. It generates ideas from your content that can effectively cover the minimum length.

So, instead of wasting your precious time on new research, you may opt for a more productive way to broaden your content. Follow these simple but productive steps on how to make an essay longer.

  • Copy the text.
  • Paste it in the special form below.
  • Indicate the necessary length.
  • Press the “Extend” button.

As a result, you will get several original ideas as an add-on to your paper. So, your task is to review the final version and make corrections if needed. This way, you can ensure quality content and better match the writing style. Moreover, the tool is quite self-educational, as you can benefit from the editing process to boost your creativity and writing skills.

Text Inflator Is What You Need Now

The reasons that make students desperate are numerous. No one would argue that academic life is a competition. However, you would probably agree that timely management of getting your essay’s length to the correct word count is the most challenging. So, let’s see when our inflator can be beneficial for a learner:

  • Inexperienced as a writer;
  • Need abundant vocabulary;
  • Struggle with deadlines;
  • Consider your content bland;
  • Want to have an engaging paper;
  • Need to boost your linguistic or editing skills;
  • Constant assignments make you less creative;
  • The content research process takes ages;
  • Need instant assistance to improve the quality of your paper.

While some handle them with custom writing companies, others tap essay extenders as extra help. The software can solve more issues than are on the list. Don’t hesitate to use it anytime, anywhere, fast, and without difficulties. Utilize our text expander to overcome shortages effectively.

How to Make My Essay Longer? Top Tips

When trying to hit the target word limit, students may sacrifice the quality of the text by adding unnecessary information. However, losing content value for size is the worst way to approach the issue since you can get poor results. As a self-help guide, we offer to consider several tips to make your essay longer but engaging.

  • Mind paragraph length. Sometimes, your essay is shorter than you’d like, even after spending hours on it. It can happen because your paragraphs are too brief and don’t comply with basic measurements. So, breaking your writing into paragraphs can help you see the gaps easier. Also, note that the best sections are the ones that explain a central idea adequately. Paragraphs that are too short indicate that you may not have developed your ideas fully. Therefore, try adding details and evidence to explain a single and write a longer essay. This can improve quality and act as a paragraph extender.
  • Use examples. Another great way to avoid the risk of not making the page limit for your essay is by using examples. They can help make your points clearer if your article is too short. Good supporting arguments for each body paragraph help strengthen your writing with real-life experience. Make sure your models are pertinent to your thesis and demonstrate each point.
  • Use quotations. Quotes and direct quotations are a good essay extender if you still fall short of your word or page limit. Use only the most relevant issues of your paper. You can enhance an essay’s word count through a few expert citations at a time. Note that their use must be applicable not to distract your readers. They should support your arguments or provide evidence for your thesis. Ensure a variety of sources to sound compelling.

As you can see, making the required word limit or the desired number of pages isn’t necessarily stressful. On the contrary, consistent practice and patience will make your essay longer. So, make sure you run through the topic research. This will allow you to explain yourself in detail, support your points, and manage the page count.

Quality Proven Results

A text Inflator is an upscale tool that expands the length of a writing block with original content. It doesn’t refer to any ready-made databases but adds every word itself. So, it’s like an advanced synonym finder.

Several strategies imply making your essay bigger without new ideas and contributing to content organization principles. The tool modifies all nouns and verbs with suitable adjectives or adverbs and corrects the flow of the text with transitions. Moreover, it adds citations or brings examples relevant to your topic. As a final touch, reviewing the content yourself is advisable to meet the task requirements flawlessly. Just copy a paper into the box and enjoy plagiarism-free content!

Essay Extender: Pros and Cons

Users may not be sure to employ an auto text expander until they explore the tool inside out. So, let’s dig into the strengths and weaknesses of the method to achieve academic goals.

  •     Speedy help
  •     Easy-to-use software
  •     Completely free
  •     Unique content
  •     Quality upgrade
  •     Beneficial workflow
  •     A helpful tool without registration.

So, the program creates the best conditions to make an essay longer yourself. First, all the work is yours ― it just develops your creativity beyond the limit. It can serve your purposes if you need a guide to avoid time-consuming processes and improve your skills. So, using an essay extender is optimal.

However, the tool doesn’t do the job for you. While essay writing is a multifaceted task, the inflator has a specific application. So, you can’t compare it with hiring an individual writer who composes an excellent paper from scratch.

Let’s see what weaknesses you should overcome using our free online tool without further ado. Keep in mind that it does not:

  •     Fix typos.
  •     Edit the final version.

However, as you save up on writing, you have extra time to check grammar and spelling. As a result, most users benefit from the tool shortages and develop their writing skills. The tool contributes to your writing but doesn’t take your responsibility. So, take your time to meet the format and ensure mistake-free content yourself.

Expand Your Essay Here: Any Topic and Any Difficulty

It’s not an easy task to get the minimum length for complicated or rare issues. Text Inflator is a tool that expands the size of a writing block regardless of its type. In addition, it works for all disciplines and academic levels. So, use it with confidence if you work on an essay, report, article, speech, paragraph, or any other paper. The tool will expand your text instantly, productively, and without undue information.

Essay Lengthener: 24/7 Support

Being overwhelmed with academic duties, students often cannot find a more suitable time for brainstorming or essay writing than late evening or at night. Staying up all night can surely turn on your creative mood. However, you may feel incapable of succeeding in fulfilling the essay size requirements. So, how can you get out of such a trap and yet ace your task?

If you have no doubts about the essay inflator‘s efficiency, buckle up as it’s available for free around the clock. There are no limits for users who need additional help reaching their writing goals. So, all you have to do is let it do its work. Now, you may work to the deadline and get your extra one or two pages in time. Next, we suggest you spend a couple of minutes revising the ready-made text and making amendments if necessary. Finally, ensure proper style and formatting before submitting it to make the grade.

Easy and Transparent Process

Paragraph extender aims to alleviate the essay developing process and ensure effective workflow. Therefore, there are no hidden or complicated steps to make it. For example, you don’t need a manual to input your text and get the final version of it immediately. Moreover, some self-help tools may require signing up or registering. Our machine has open access and is free of charge. So, tap on the top-rated platform to gain accomplishments.

100% Original Text Is Guaranteed

It does not matter what domain you have chosen for your future. Educators always give writing assignments in all disciplines, so you will be unable to avoid paper writing lifelong. But we have a tool to get the ball rolling if there are any problems with creativity or its complete absence.

Students are curious to see how their writing expands without copying any ready-made online materials. The answer is straightforward, unlike the tool algorithm. The essay lengthener doesn’t add new ideas to your paper but makes possible changes to broaden your content. It is achieved by modifiers to adjectives and verbs, using longer words instead of short ones, and rephrasing parts of sentences with additional details.

Use Our Essay Extender and Get the Best Result

As a student, you need the best techniques to help you succeed. So, the features and benefits of our tool may sound too good to be true. However, if you need instant help to make your 3-page report a 5-page piece, the best option is our text expander. Note that it doesn’t violate the demand for quality content and will pass any plagiarism checker.

So, if you need impeccable, cohesive, and coherent text for your academic purposes, that’s what we aim to provide. We bet you and your professor will be pleased with the results if you try the machine right here. So, try it out now, make some changes, and see what it means to make progress.


How does Essay Extender make my essay longer?

Our tool uses various methods to support your content with additional ideas. For example, it adds appropriate measures, quotations, adjectives, and transitions to make your essay bigger. This way, they improve the quality of your text and meet academic requirements best.

Are transitions a good idea to make my essay longer generator free?

In any text, linking words or transition phrases perform an important function. So, they are perfect not only for increasing the volume. Transitions make different ideas work better together and encourage the reader to predict the following sentence.

How many times can I use the essay inflator?

Endless! We are glad to provide a tool that helps develop an essay without limits. Moreover, it is completely free and doesn’t require registration.