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Biography of the author

Etienne Low-Decarie is an ecologist and Lecturer at the University of Essex. He’s involved in projects that aim to predict environmental changes, study microbial biogeography, evolution in the context of complex communities. Etienne is passionate about researching ecological issues and finding ways to help different organisms survive under severe environmental changes. He strives to help species survive and adapt to new circumstances.

Etienne’s publications cover such topics as growth and competition of phytoplankton communities, rising complexity in ecology, community rescue in experimental metacommunities, and many more.

Site – https://etiennelowdecarie.org


Etienne Low-Decarie obtained a Ph.D. at McGill University in 2014. He was a member of the Post Graduate Society and representative of McGill Senate Subcommittee on the Environment. Etienne also volunteered for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Montreal’s Healthy Youth program and Let’s Talk Science. He’s a certified Reef Check EcoDiver Trainer, PADI Dive Master, and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. As a student, Ettiene won the following awards:

  • Vineberg Award.
  • Reginald Fessenden Prize.
  • GREAT Award.


After graduation, Ettiene Low-Decarie occupied the position of a Lecturer at the University of Essex. Ettiene aims to share his research findings with his students and popularize ecology as a science. His lectures are based on his investigations and cover crucial environmental problems and suggestions on solving these issues. Ettiene implements modern educational models to grab the student’s attention and develop an interest in ecology in them.

Ettiene Low-Decarie combines fundamental aspects of ecology and evolution with environmental sciences and biotechnology when researching species communities. He studies how communities evolve under the pressure of environmental changes and their potential to adapt to new ecological factors. The results of Ettiene’s scientific researches are described in his publications. These findings and articles are an important contribution to the field, as they contain revolutionary data. However, Ettiene isn’t going to stop – he strives to draw the attention of a wider audience to environmental problems. That’s why he collaborates with Writemyessaytoday to help students write data-based essays.

Language Skills

Ettiene Low-Decarie is proud of his contribution to science, but he also has another talent and passion. He was always good at writing, and these skills helped him achieve brilliant results at the university as well as at work. Ettiene has vast experience in writing scientific articles, and he definitely knows how to correct texts and make them look brilliant. When writing an article, Ettiene uses only checked facts and relevant arguments. His works contain credible data received by him or his colleagues. When it comes to content correctness, it’s hard to find a writer who would be as diligent as Ettiene is. He checks each article a few times to make sure it doesn’t contain typos and other errors.

About Author

Ettiene Low-Decarie is a respected ecologist, talented teacher, and skilled writer. It’s hard to imagine how he manages to combine scientific research projects with other activities. His efforts to rescue species communities and explore how they evolve and adapt to environmental changes are highly valued. Ettiene’s publications are cited and appreciated in the scientific world. Here are the most cited articles:

  • The effect of elevated CO2 on growth and competition in experimental phytoplankton communities.
  • Rising complexity and falling explanatory power in ecology.
  • Community rescue in experimental metacommunities.

Ettiene Low-Decarie aims to draw the attention of society to the evolution problems, environmental changes, and possible ways of problem solving. He realizes that it’s important to share his experience and results of his researches with young people, as they’re our future. That’s why teaching is only a small part of his interaction with students. He also works as a writer at Writemyessaytoday and writes research papers.