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Biography of the author

Alberto Mariani is one of the top Italian chemists. He contributed to the exploration of polymers and the obtaining of different chemical materials. Alberto is focused mainly on polymer materials, including synthesis and nanocomposites. He has National Qualifications in three areas – Industrial and Applied Chemistry, Chemical Basis of Technology Applications, and Organic Chemistry. Alberto Mariani puts his heart and soul into scientific research and analysis, and he’s eager to attract a wider audience to the field.

Alberto has over 80 publications, and his topics cover such subjects as the interaction between different chemical elements, characterization of polymers, frontal polymerization, and many more. Currently, he’s teaching Organic Chemistry at the School of Natural Sciences and the University of Sassari. Alberto is combining his main work with writing for Writemyessaytoday.us.

Site – http://www.albertomariani.org


Alberto Mariani got a degree in Chemistry and P.h.D in Chemical Science at the University of Sassari. Besides, he has the National Qualification for the Full Professor position in Industrial Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Chemical Basis for Technologies. Alberto Mariani is one of the most famous Italian scientists, and his contribution to chemistry is highly appreciated. His researches are focused on frontal polymerization, synthesis and characterization of polymer nanocomposites, obtainment of graphene and its analogs, advanced elastomers and their modifications, and renewable sources.


Alberto Mariani isn’t only a talented chemist and researcher but also a respected teacher who aims to share his knowledge and experience. He worked at the University of Mainz, Germany, DuPont de Nemours, Switzerland, University of Southern Mississippi, USA. Now, Alberto is the Associate Professor of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Sassari.

As a teacher, Alberto is ready to discover new horizons in chemistry for his students. He understands the importance of new ideas, research, and fresh approaches to exploring chemical elements and their interactions. Since many students don’t have an opportunity to attend his lectures or see him at chemistry conferences, Alberto has found a creative way to teach them. He works as a writer at Writemyessaytoday and helps students boost their knowledge of chemistry. Alberto writes scientific essays that uncover the secrets of different polymer elements. He believes that students get the chance to get new information and learn the core principles of chemistry by reading his articles.

Language Skills

Alberto Mariani can write articles in English and Italian, which makes his work even more valuable. He checks every essay to make sure that it’s free from different errors, including miswordings, grammar mistakes, and typos. Besides, Alberto is regularly practicing because his work involves writing scientific articles. He has an impressive number of publications, which counts more than 80 articles. So, writing for Writemyessaytoday is as easy as walking in a park for Alberto.

About Author

Everyone in the chemistry world knows Alberto Mariani. It’s hard to find a person who would be devoted to science more than he is. Alberto has three National Qualifications in different fields related to chemistry, and he’s occupying the position of the Associate Professor of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Sassari, one of the most respected Italian educational institutions.

Alberto’s publications are important for the field, as they’re focused on a rather rarely covered subject – polymer materials. His most famous articles include:

  • Role of reaction parameters in the direct synthesis of aromatic polyamides.
  • Synthesis and characterization of block copolymers based on poly(p-benzamide) and poly (terephthalamide of p-aminobenzhydrazide).
  • A Study on the N-Allylation Reaction of Aromatic Polyamides. 1. Poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide).

Alberto Mariani keeps working on researching polymer materials, teaching, and writing scientific articles. To attract the attention of the new generation to chemistry, Alberto is writing essays for Writemyessaytoday. His style and knowledge are powerful instruments that awaken the student’s love for science.