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Biography of the author

Michael Ingre is a famous Swedish psychologist and Professor at the University of Stockholm. Michael started to demonstrate an interest in psychology when he was a little boy. It was the direction he kept moving as he was growing. There were three main factors that made him love psychology so much. First of all, he wanted to understand himself and his intentions better. Michael believes that it’s necessary to identify your hidden qualities and develop the best of them. The second factor he strived to study is relationships. The understanding of gender psychology and meaningful insights could give him the answer to many questions, including “How to improve family life?” and “How to enhance trust in relationships?” The third research subject was work because it plays an essential role in our lives.

Michael Ingre believes that knowing psychology can help people enjoy their lives. That’s why he doesn’t limit himself to teaching only. He also collaborates with Writemyessaytoday to share his experience and help students get the work done.



Michael Ingre has a degree in Psychology. Studying this field helped him understand human reactions, behavior, interactions, and individual features better. After he graduated from university, Michael became a teacher at the University of Stockholm. But he keeps researching the human brain and helping people cope with their mental problems.

He’s been studying sleep and how its quality affects our lives for years. His numerous publications were cited thousands of times, which means that Michael is a real professional who has devoted his life to psychology. Thanks to the passion for science that was his best friend since childhood, he achieved significant results in the field.


Michael Ingre works at one of the most reputable Swedish universities – the University of Stockholm. He’s glad to have an opportunity to communicate with students who love psychology as much as he does every day. As a progressive professor, Michael has one of the most effective educating programs. His students love attending Michae’s lectures, as he’s also a talented speaker who knows how to grab the audience’s attention.

Language Skills

English is widely spoken in Sweden. So, Michael Ingre doesn’t face any problems when writing in English. He knows punctuation, spelling, and grammar rules even better than some native English speakers do. Besides, writing is his second love after psychology, and he improves his skills and knowledge all the time. Michael Ingre crafts top-notch essays for Writemyessaytoday, and he’s one of the most popular writers of the service.

About Author

Michael Ingre is a famous Swedish scientist who works on the solution of different mental problems. Sleep is one of the core subjects of his researches. His publications include such topics as:

  •  Beauty sleep: experimental study on the perceived health and attractiveness of sleep deprived people.
  • Subjective sleepiness, simulated driving performance, and blink duration: examining individual differences.
  • Disturbed sleep in shift workers, day workers, and insomniacs.

Michael’s articles are extremely popular, as they contain meaningful insights, comprehensive analysis of the problem, and expert explanations. His publications were cited for more than two thousand times. It’s really impressive and proves that Michael is one of the most talented Swedish psychologists. Michael’s passion for science is never ending, and he’s eager to move forward.

Michael Ingre regularly participates in different scientific events related to psychology. At conferences, he speaks about sleep disorders, how they affect our health, and describes the ways that can improve sleep. Since not everyone can attend such events, Michael does his best to share his experience. At Writemyessaytoday, he writes essays for students who strive to partner with a professional psychologist and get high-quality scientific papers.