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Biography of the author

Rebecca Carey is a famous volcanologist and professor at the College of Sciences and Engineering. Rebecca has deep knowledge of the field, and her findings, detailed analysis of the elements and results of volcanic eruptions became a significant contribution to science.

Rebecca’s expertise and examination of magma, volcano types and structure, and lava flow processes are extremely valuable for volcanology. Dr. Carey has over 30 written articles, and a publication in the Encyclopedia of Volcanoes is the one she’s especially proud of. It’s one of the most respected books in the field that  summarises the knowledge and understanding of volcanoes. Rebecca strives to share her experience and helps students write comprehensive essays at Writemyessaytoday.us.



Rebecca was always fond of science, and she has dedicated her life to volcanology. She graduated from the University of Tasmania and got a Ph.D. at the University of Hawaii in 2008. Today, she’s a famous scientist who takes part in different researches connected with volcanology. She explores the ways of predicting eruptions, the possibility to use volcanic heat, the principles of minerals formation, the chemical composition of the ash plume, and many more.


Rebecca Carey strives to grow the generation of new scientists and passionately works on expanding the army of volcanology fans. Currently, she’s occupying the position of the Senior Lecturer in the College of Science and Engineering. Besides, Rebecca is a writer at Writemyessaytoday.us, which helps her spread her knowledge and teach young people through writing.

As a scientist, Dr. Carey often participates in different researches, including volcano exploration, hazard assessment, and defining and reducing risks. Her work also involves traveling to mountains, gathering products that were created by volcanic eruptions, and examining elements at the laboratory. Dr. Carey collaborated with the Geological Society of Canada, the Canadian Space Agency, and NASA to explore the Askja volcano in Iceland as an analog to volcanoes on Mars and the Moon.

Language Skills

Rebecca Carey is a Native English speaker, and she’s an expert in writing. She knows all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules brilliantly, which helps her write flawless pieces. As a scientist, she published 37 articles on volcanology. Since Rebecca has strong writing skills, she decided not only to share her experience by teaching students at the College of Science and Engineering but also by crafting essays at Writemyessaytoday. Although Dr. Carey participates in different educational events as a lecturer, she understands that many young volcanologists don’t have the chance to attend them. That’s why writing scientific essays for students is the best way to provide them with essential information and popularize science.

About Author

Science isn’t the only Rebecca’s passion. She’s also fond of teaching and writing. Her lectures are attended by hundreds of students who strive to be involved in volcanology, but she knows that it’s not enough to increase the popularity of science. Dr. Carey also writes scientific articles based on her research, and most of her publications are invaluable for the world of volcanology. Rebecca collaborated with these sources as an editor:

  • AGU, publication “Hawaiian Volcanoes: From Source to Surface.”
  • Geology.
  • Geophysical Research Letters.

Dr. Carey has vast experience in researching volcanoes, and the results of her exploration are essential for developing volcanology as a science. Her professional practice involves participation in the Commission of Submarine Volcanology, Australian Geological Society, American Geophysical Union, and Commission of Explosive Volcanism. Dr. Carey was the leader of research in New Zealand, Iceland, and Hawaii. Scientific groups counted up to 25 participants. During her trips, Rebecca Carey teaches students how important it is to explore volcanology, research products of eruptions, and predict hazards.

Dr. Carey is one of the best and most respected scientists in the field. She aims to increase the popularity of volcanology and share the information she was collecting for years. Writing scientific papers for Writemyessaytoday helps her grow the army of volcanology lovers.